What is

The Curious Sunshine Method?

This course consists of three modules:
Mindfulness, Curiosity and Play

Featuring a combination of graphics, video, audio and activities with the goal of: 

Helping us become aware and present though mindfulness

Finding our truth and drive through curiosity

Actively exploring and practicing what we have learned through play


This is perfect for you if you feel:

• Stagnant in your life or like there is more to life than being on the "hamster wheel" acting like an “acceptable” member of society
• The need for more zest, joy and excitement in your life 
• Like you have been following or “trapped” in a narrative that is not true to your calling and passions
• The need to develop more holistic ways to find fulfillment in all aspects of your life
• Called to deepen your connection with your mind, body and spirit
• Want to play more but don’t know how as a “serious” adult
• Shake up the way you see and perceive the world around you to invite new possibilities and potentials
•Just because your CURIOUS!


Group and In-Person workshop opportunities are available! Going through the Curious Sunshine Method as a group gives you an opportunity to discuss module topics, gain extra insight from your peers and cultivate team building centered around mindful play!

If you are curious about this opportunity, send an email to [email protected]